Are you thinking of a dog but unsure whether the breed you have in mind is right for you?

This list is currently our breed contacts of mainly club members but all experienced and knowledgeable people about their breed.  Not all of them are breeders but they will of course be happy to answer your questions and/or put you in touch with their national breed clubs.

They are all volunteers, giving their time freely, so please phone at a sociable hour.

If the breed you are looking for is not listed then please contact the Registrar who will assist you.

BreedsKennel NameContact nameContact numberEmailWebsite
Afghan HoundElangeniStuart & Pamela Mottershaw01534 862187elangenihounds@gmail.com

Alaskan MalamuteOrsamalsNicola Brouard

American Cocker Spaniels
Debbie Houghton01534 730870 /

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)GayteckelsMick & Christine Marett01534

Bearded CollieMajikcharmsRachel Ferbrache

BoxersDocremaMargaret Bayes01534

British Bull DogDimkasSally Rousseau01534 482583 

Bracco Italiano MajikislesKelly Moulin07797

Cesky TerrierGayteckelsMick & Christine Marett01534

Cocker SpanielGranroseClaire White07797

MajikislesKelly Moulin07797

English Springer SpanielTiroenRo & Nigel Cox01534 625363

Entlebucher Mountain Dog
Jenny Sharrock07797

French Bulldog
Audrey Bee07797 840

Hungarian Wirehaired VizslaMajikcharmsRachel Ferbrache

Lhasa ApsoPetwalkPeter Walker07797 782559

Golden retrieversMardargoldMark & Marilyn Evans01228 672149

GSDJasandorJane Bennett01534 727913

Irish SetterTiroenRo & Nigel Cox01534 625363

Irish TerrierAmbervilleAgata Kucza07797

Labrador RetrieversCarmiablyChristine Sheppard01534

LeonbergerDejerriIan Hutchinson 01534 864749

PapillonForepawsSarah Cooper01534 862989

Poodles  all sizesMeantmoreCarol Smithers01534

PomeranianThelbernThelma01534 730392


OtterhoundsGranroseClaire White07797

Scottish TerrierMckalayAnna Pinto01534 859314

Shih TzuForepawsSarah Cooper01534 862989

CoursaniNatalie De La Cour07781
Spanish Water DogFielamigo
Jodie Trebert
07781 465834.

Tibetan TerrierMajikcharmsRachel Ferbrache

WhippetsKipipiringStephen & Jenny Lawson01534

ElangeniStuart & Pamela Mottershaw01534

PetwalkPeter Walker07797 782559

West Highland White TerrierMckalayAnna Pinto01534 859314

If you would like to be added to this list, please contact the Registrar in the first instance.

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