Presidents Role of Honour image
Presidents past and present with Patron Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache
Left to right – Elinor McFadden, Valery Johnson, Roselle Godeaux, Steven Laffoley-Edwards, Sir Philip Bailhache, Capt. Geoff Whittaker, Lisa Goodall & Brian Cummins (seated)

No. DatesNameAdditional Facts
1 1888-1890Col. James Godfray, QADCFirst President
 1891-1896Col. E. C. Malet de Carterat 
 1897-1903Col Philip Robin 
 1904-1912Jurat R. R. Lempriere 
 1913-1915Dr. A. E. Hind 
 1916-1921Jurat P. Aubin 
 1922-1954Dr E.P. MarettLongest Standing President
 1955-1956Mrs Howard GibsonFirst Female President
 1956-1962Mr J. Podger 
10 1963-1974Mr J. A. B. Walton 
11 1974-1977Mr W. S. Jones 
12 1977-1985Miss Di Abbott Presided over the start of local Registrations
13 1986-1988Mrs Elinor McFadden Continued to Serve on Committee till 2012
14 1989-1990Miss Leslie Norton 
15 1991-1992Capt. G. Whittaker 
16 1992Mrs Majorie Gallichan 
17 1992-1993Mr Gordon Dale 
18 1994 Mr Jim Bird 
19 1995Mrs Roselle Godeaux 
20 1996-1998Mrs Valery Johnson 
21 1999Mrs Lisa H. Goodall 
22 2000-2007Mr Brian C. Cummins 
23 2008-2013Mr Steven D. Edwards 
24 2014-2019Dr Margaret Bayes MBE 
25 2019-2021Mrs Christine Marett 
26 2021-2022Miss Helen Lester
Miss Claire White

28 2023-Miss Fiona Whitehead

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