2024 Shows

2024 Show Dates and Judges

27 January 2024 - Members Show

Mrs J P Gill-Davis

All groups, BIS, Stakes

17 February 2024 - Channel Islands Dog of The Year

Breed: Mr Jeff Luscott

All semi-finals and all Dog of the Year Finals

Agility: Ms Jacqui Wood 

Obedience: Mr Rob Case

23 March 2024 - Winter Championship Show

Ms M Sargent: Working, Pastoral, Utility, Toy, BIS

Mr M Phillips: Hound, Gundog, Terrier and Stakes

4 May 2024 - May Open Show

Miss Liz Millward

All groups, BIS, Stakes

20 July 2024 - Spring Championship Show

Miss D Spavin: Toy, Hound, Gundog, Terrier and BIS

Mr R Kinsey: Pastoral, Utility, Working and Stakes

7 September 2024 - Summer Championship Show

Mr B M Croft: Working, Utility, Pastoral, Toy and BIS

Mr G Corish: Hound, Gundog, Terrier and Stakes 

23 November 2024 - Open Show

Mr T J Ball

All groups, BIS, Stakes

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