Registered & Listed Clubs

Listed and Registered Club Status Background

The concept of a Listed Status Club was originally considered by the UK Kennel Club for the discipline of Rally but following its successful implementation, it was considered that the format would also be of benefit to other disciplines. Listed Status allows those who do not want to undergo the full requirements of running a Registered club/society to run UK Kennel Club licensed shows. It is now available for those who wish to run Agility, Canicross, Heelwork to Music, Obedience, and Rally competitions or training.Previously, many unaffiliated clubs and groups in the UK ‘borrowed’ licences from registered clubs to run shows, however, there was little recourse for competitors should something happen. In general, the UK

Kennel Club would prefer a show to be licensed than not, this is also the stance of The Kennel Club of Jersey (KCJ). This safeguards and provides support to all those involved in a show, whether they are competing, organising, or judging.  Also, the KCJ wishes to encourage all canine clubs to be associated with the KCJ whilst recognising that not all clubs wish to have a formal committee structure or require formal accounts to be prepared. These clubs must agree to abide by the requirements listed on this document.

What is Listed Status?

Listed Status is a type of registration for groups or individuals, that enables them to hold training and licensed shows/competitions without the requirements that a fully registered club must adhere to.

How to apply for and renew Listed Status

If you think you would like to begin the process of applying for or renewing the listed status the first steps are to collate the information listed below, complete the required paperwork, and return this with the current the registration fee to the KCJ. The forms should be completed, preferably in BLOCK letters for clarity.

  1. Listed Application Form
  2. A statement outlining the club’s commitment to canine welfare which is to be signed and dated by the applicant.
  3. Third-party liability insurance, a copy of the certificate to be submitted to the KCJ.
  4. First Aid provisions in line with the size and number of expected attendees.
  5. Where possible CVs from two people involved in the running of the club but as a minimum one person demonstrating experience in running canine activities.
  6. A reference from an experienced/established committee member from a fully registered club.
  7. Joining fee.

Benefits of becoming a Listed Status Club

• Ability to hold KCJ licensed events

• Association with the KCJ brand

• Publicity through the KCJ

• Minimal club administration i.e. no need to submit annual accounts, list of club members, or have a committee structure

• Compliance with the KCJ’s Code of Conduct

• Annual certificate confirming Listed Status Club 

Listed Status Club Requirements to hold Kennel Club licensed events

A show management profile and risk assessment to show evidence of suitability to hold a KCJ licensed show.

Select & download the relevant forms from below:

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